30 Nov 2006

Strange Noses

Today it goes on with a few very strange noses from my sketchbook.

28 Nov 2006

Hildesheim canal port

Not enough time at the moment... so only a few more sketches from the Hildesheim canal port today... Hope you like it.

26 Nov 2006


You could think so far I only draw silly things, cartoons and such stuff from imagination but this isn't true. As often as I can I try to get some fresh air and draw from life. During my studies of graphic-design in Hildesheim one of my favorite places to do this was the harbor. It was only a canal port but nevertheless rich in impressive and complex things and forms. So week after week I spent there a few hours (sometimes with my fellow Mario) drawing ships, cranes, warehouses, crazy machines and other interesting things. At the weekends I was almost always the only human being there. That's why I miss this place so much. (I'm sure, most of my fellow students not even knew that Hildesheim has a port...)

24 Nov 2006


Last year the german fashion-tsar Rudolph "Mosi" Mooshammer was murdered by an 25 years old Iraqi. "The perverted Mosi-murderer" was the headline of the german yellowpress-newspaper BILD which published a photo of the murderer. In Mosi's arm you can see his faithful dog Daisy...

Disconcerting moments

At the post office. I stood in the line waiting to be served when a man just before me suddenly made this crazy military salutation. I thought "Oh, man, this is so embarrassing that it hurts!" The postal clerk was totally ignoring him so he stood there for an embarrassing eternity... (One or two minutes!) By the way: The name of the postal clerk was Hildgund Krueger. Warm regards, Hildgund!
This is the text on the right page: Secretly declared paternity has no value of evidence. Federal Constitutional Court, January 2005

22 Nov 2006

The grin of the Schlager-singers

Further confused sketches. Page 28 is a tribute to this very special kind of stupid grin of the german Schlager-music singers. They sing things like "men from the mountains... there, where the hearts are beating...and now all together..." and say shit like "... you all are my friends... and such a phantastic audience... blablabla...blablabla"... I really hate it.

21 Nov 2006


From time to time I do sketches to document the development of my children Ella and Oskar. Here you can learn something about my daughter's vocabulary at the age of 2.
Sorry, translation impossible...

20 Nov 2006


A self-portrait with a few contemporaries and/or weirdos...

19 Nov 2006

The other way to open a beer

I drew this page also on the trip to the Vosges. From one of Clara's brothers I learned a nice tricky way to open a beer by foot. We had lots of fun to practice this... Tip: Don't try it with sandals! And by the way: our training-beer was Rothaus Pils "Tannenz├Ąpfle" from the Black Forest.

18 Nov 2006

More Stuff for the Weekend

It's weekend and I have the time to post the next Sketchbookpages... a few businessmen-scribbles, the monsters in jackets and a drawing of the summer-house of a friends family in the vosges mountains near the french border that I made in june 2004. It's title is "Tick-hunting in the vosges mountains"...

Content, content, content

Ok, ok, I know the most import thing in a new and unknown blog is content content content... So here's content: the first three pages of my latest sketchbook. Yes, 2004 is long time ago, but... Since I draw my daily comicstrip Ivos Paralleluniversum the sketchbook has to be patient.
But there are only 16 pages left in this book...
Here's the translation of page 2: "A sunday morning in april. Hm? Every morning the same...?! What can this mean?"

And here's the very latest sketchbook-page:

16 Nov 2006

Welcome to Ivo's Sketchblog

So, here I am! Inspired by the sketchbook-blogs of Mattias Adolfson and Tommy Kane I decided to start my own sketchblog today.
I draw in sketchbooks since I started drawing at all at the age of 27 (the beginning of my so called "second life"). I prefer sketchbooks to single sheets of paper because this way I can be sure to never lose a sketch or an idea... Until now there are 10 different books filled with serious, funny and crazy stuff.
Here they are:

A look inside:
For the beginning I will show material from this older books at first, perhaps more current stuff in the future. I try to post as often as possible, so it would be nice to see you again!

As I mentioned above I am a fan of the artwork of Tommy Kane from New York. A few weeks ago I spotted two surprising drawings on his blog. I was astonished to see that an artist in another part of the world has drawn almost exactly the same as I did. These are drawings of a toy-robot and and a barbeque-grill. Here are the versions from my sketchbooks:

And here is Tommy Kane's robot and the grill. The toy-robot seems to be exactly the same model. The grills are similar regarding the angle of view and how we cutted off of the wheel...
That's it for the beginning!