31 Mar 2010

»Rocket Blues« Inking

As promised here's my latest youtube-inking-clip. It's a 6 minute quick motion video that shows approximately 3,5 hours of uninterrupted inking. You see the 21st page of my new comicbook »Rocket Blues«. It's a somewhat crazy page with the »paternoster ride« of Laszlo and Mister Rocket. To ink this was a little bit tricky because of the difficulty to avoid smudging the ink lines anytime. But, please, look yourself:

20 Mar 2010

Latest publications and new projects

I have to apologize for nearly two years of no posting here in my sketchblog. I was very busy completing various comicbook-projects. In this context I sadly have to admit that the nice phase of extensive sketching in my sketchbooks as self purpose is over for now. Not only for time reasons but rather because sketching is now more or less an »invisible« part of my production process for my comicbooks.
In 2009 I released two books at BEATCOMIX: »Paralleluniversum 2: Quantenschaum« and »Dave Grigger« (story & pencils: Mamei; ink & lettering: myself) and completed a third: »Daddy, when will we eat a horse sometime?« (unpublished so far):

My current project is a 52-page-comicbook with the title »Rocket Blues«. It will be released at the German Comicfestival Erlangen in june 2010. The Making-Of (scetches, videos, finished pages) of this intergalactic adventure-funny-scifi-roadmovie in the form of a comic can you find at www.rocketblues.de (I'm just inking page 19.)

In the next days I will link here a few of my youtube-inking-clips like this: