30 May 2007

Basel inside

Often when I visited my girlfriend in Basel I haven't drawn famous buildings only. Instead I tried to catch a few unimportant moments. Here my girl is watching the swiss ice hockey Spengler-Cup on tv (Turku-Davos 2:1). I sat in the next room to draw this.

24 May 2007

Basel backyard

Here again the view from out of my girlfriend's apartment into the beautiful backyard. I made this sketch on a cold day in winter wearing a coat, a warm cap and gloves.

23 May 2007

On the road again

At one of my ways back from Basel(CH) to Hildesheim(DE) I made my only attempt ever to draw during a driving rest at a motorway service area. Don't imitate this behavior, it's dangerous if you are tired and really need a rest. With my old Volkswagen Passat (*1987) the ride took me 6,5 hours... (I still drive this cool car, it's now 20 years old!).

22 May 2007

On the bank of the Rhine

Here`s just another view over the Rhine and a few little sketches I drew in the so called Kasernenareal.

12 May 2007

Fireboat Basel BL

At 1st of August 2001 (the Swiss National Day) I saw a demonstration of the Fireboat Basel BL on the river Rhine. Few weeks later I descried this boat sleeping at a little landing stage in Basel-Birsfelden and instantly captured it for the afterworld...

9 May 2007

Basel St. Martins Church

Of course there are further interesting churches in Basel. Here I've drawn the St. Martins Church. It's the oldest parish church of Basel and is - like the minster - situated high above the river Rhine. I sat as always comfortably at the other riverside.
The right page shows two quick sketches of the Rhine port Birsfelden.

6 May 2007

Basel Minster

Basel has a medieval cathedral which is situated high above the river Rhine. It is really significant for the skyline of the town. I thought I couln't leave Basel without a sketch of this important building, so I tried to catch it with my Faber-Castell Finepen 1511. It's the view from the other side of the Rhine.

5 May 2007

Basel riverside

It was midsummer with great heat but I sat relaxed on the shadowy riverbank of Kleinbasel and drew the interesting things at the other side of the Rhine. Of course I had to draw the Basel port at district St. Johann. It looked a little bit more impressive than the Hildesheim canal port... Next day I discovered an authentic Rhine-idyll a few hundred meters upstream. Oh, by the way this was the 1st of august, the Swiss National Day, there thousands of people were underway at the riverside of the Rhine ...

4 May 2007


This is the backyard of a house at the Erasmusplatz in Kleinbasel. It's the view out of the window of my girlfriend's apartment. This was hard to draw because the window board was really narrow and uncomfortable.

3 May 2007

Basel (Switzerland)

My last post was more than a month ago, so it's high time to show some "new" material from my older sketchbooks at last.
Six years ago my girlfriend worked as a student apprentice in Basel/Switzerland for a few months. I used the opportunity to visit her and this beautiful town at the river rhine several times and made lots of sketches and drawings. The sketchbook-drawing of the "skyline" and the riverbank of Grossbasel arose at my first lonely walk at the time my girlfriend was at work. It was July, it was hot and it was great! More Basel impressions will follow in the next days.