9 May 2007

Basel St. Martins Church

Of course there are further interesting churches in Basel. Here I've drawn the St. Martins Church. It's the oldest parish church of Basel and is - like the minster - situated high above the river Rhine. I sat as always comfortably at the other riverside.
The right page shows two quick sketches of the Rhine port Birsfelden.


At 09/05/2007, 12:08, Anonymous AndrĂ© said...

Hallo Ivo,

dein Blog hat mich dazu bewogen, endlich mal wieder meinen faulen H... zu heben, mir ein neues Sketchbook zu kaufen und wieder mit dem Zeichnen anzufangen.


At 09/05/2007, 13:36, Blogger Ivo said...

Na, da hab ich ja was angerichtet...



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