28 Feb 2007

Canal port

Here are further sketches I did at the Hildesheim canal port six years ago. I loved it most to sit there at the weekends... Everything around me was absolutly quiet, the huge cranes stood still and it was a very contemplative atmosphere. Sometimes I used the chance to inspect open warehouses and discovered crazy machines and such stuff... I will post drawings of these discoveries in the next days.

15 Feb 2007

More cartoons

Cartoons, cartoons, cartoons... this is what I draw when I've got no idea at all what to draw... or when I'm waiting for a sensational idea or something like that... There are hundreds of sketchbook-pages with such "waiting"-stuff... ;-)

11 Feb 2007

The beauty of smoking...

...is relative. Non-smokers taste finer. I did these sketches in mental preparation to illustrate an non-smoking-campaign for a student's canteen.