22 Oct 2007


This drawing of a DURST condenser enlarger arose in the darkroom of my college (of course by light ;-)). It was the day after a drinking binge (Grenzquell Pilsner!), so the term DURST was a littlebit ambiguously (german: Durst = english: thirst). For that reason DURST was my Word of the day... O-oh...


At 23/10/2007, 17:42, Blogger lapin said...

Halo !
Ich mag deine bild.
à bientôt, lapin

At 10/11/2007, 00:15, Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow, I haven't been here for a while. There is so much great new work. Your spreads are just so inspiring and your lines are wonderful.

At 02/12/2008, 22:22, Anonymous nina roos said...

oh! your drawingbooks are amazing to see i think.

very much thanks for sharing them!


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