24 May 2007

Basel backyard

Here again the view from out of my girlfriend's apartment into the beautiful backyard. I made this sketch on a cold day in winter wearing a coat, a warm cap and gloves.


At 25/05/2007, 22:22, Blogger suzanne said...

Terrific perspective. So many intricate details. You must have an amazing amount of patience. Care to share any with me?

At 27/05/2007, 15:52, Blogger Terry Banderas said...

Nice sketch. Perspective is good. Nice blend of looseness and detail. I enjoy your work.

At 01/06/2007, 14:59, Blogger Anita said...

Amazing work!!!
I love how you ficus on 'unimportant' aspects of your trips, Ironically, I find them to be the most appealing.

At 02/10/2007, 20:13, Blogger Jason Das said...

I adore this. Back-window views are a favorite of mine, and this is just wow!


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