12 May 2007

Fireboat Basel BL

At 1st of August 2001 (the Swiss National Day) I saw a demonstration of the Fireboat Basel BL on the river Rhine. Few weeks later I descried this boat sleeping at a little landing stage in Basel-Birsfelden and instantly captured it for the afterworld...


At 14/05/2007, 14:47, Blogger Bruno Fernandez said...

Your sketches are brilliant… Very pretty drawings. Greetings! ; -)

At 14/05/2007, 19:32, Anonymous Nick said...

Ivo, I have tagged you!

At 16/05/2007, 18:44, Anonymous andyfischli said...

halli halli lieber ivo.
ahhh BASEL! endlich! :-)
sehr sehr toll.

At 21/05/2007, 18:53, Anonymous wagonized said...

Your latest sketches blow me away.

At 22/05/2007, 10:39, Blogger blackfinger said...



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