18 Nov 2006

Content, content, content

Ok, ok, I know the most import thing in a new and unknown blog is content content content... So here's content: the first three pages of my latest sketchbook. Yes, 2004 is long time ago, but... Since I draw my daily comicstrip Ivos Paralleluniversum the sketchbook has to be patient.
But there are only 16 pages left in this book...
Here's the translation of page 2: "A sunday morning in april. Hm? Every morning the same...?! What can this mean?"

And here's the very latest sketchbook-page:


At 20/11/2006, 15:38, Blogger Jeannette said...

That bathroom drawing is really good!

At 20/11/2006, 20:17, Blogger Ivo said...




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