28 Jan 2007

Roofs III

So, here we go with another nice roof I saw from my hidden drawing place on top of "Parkhaus Rose". It's the Hildesheim indoor swimming pool "Wasserparadies". Looks quite nice futuristic (or deconstructivistic) from above :-)

26 Jan 2007

Roofs II

Here's another view from the top deck of the car park "Rose" to the roofs of Hildesheim.

25 Jan 2007


When I was a student of graphic design in Hildesheim I tried to draw every day something interesting, preferably outdoors... One day I found a nice lonely place for drawing on roof of a multi-storey car park. Here's a drawing I did there. By the way... this old roofs belongs to the tiny Hildesheim red-light district...

17 Jan 2007

A world of asses

The page for the arse... The buttman on the left declaims "I live in a world full of asses." The ass in the back answers "The wit is he really does." "You are an arse by birth." Right page above: "This is a thing for Superarse!" "Nice pullover." "You are just talking, you arse!" "Ah, there comes Rudi the arse..."

5 Jan 2007

Michaeliskirche Hildesheim

In March 2005 there was an exhibition of the original drawings of my comic-book "Die Tote von St. Michaelis" in the crypt of the famous 1000 years old St. Michael's Church Hildesheim. In this two weeks I spent lots of ours as a control supervisor in this imposing church and had much time for contemplation and drawing...
Here are two sketchbook-pages from these days.