17 Jan 2007

A world of asses

The page for the arse... The buttman on the left declaims "I live in a world full of asses." The ass in the back answers "The wit is he really does." "You are an arse by birth." Right page above: "This is a thing for Superarse!" "Nice pullover." "You are just talking, you arse!" "Ah, there comes Rudi the arse..."


At 17/01/2007, 09:26, Blogger Bobby said...

I'd hate to see these guys sneezing. Funny stuff.

At 20/01/2007, 16:40, Anonymous alex said...

findich jut. äh, ich meine, i really like it, keep it up. :)

At 28/01/2007, 21:07, Blogger stela barreto said...

Fantastic imagination! I loved it!
I am a painter who is always looking for creativity. Great work...
Stela Barreto


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