27 Dec 2006

A few uncommented sketchbook-pages

I hope everybody has survived Christmas... I'm very busy these days drawing my pages for the german independent comic anthology PANIC ELECTRO. So today only a few uncommented sketchbook-pages...

20 Dec 2006

Hieronymus Bosch

Here we go with further cartoon-style material... I'm a great fan of Hieronymus Bosch, a dutch painter of the 15th and 16th centuries who portrayed the evil of man and created really obscure scenes. On the left scetchbook page you can see copies of some of Bosch's figures and on the right is a copy of a complete ink drawing: "Gnome with a ship around his neck". Cool title!

19 Dec 2006

Inside my fridge

Here is a look into my refrigerator. I drew this while the defrosting. The Käsemix is a sixpack of german spread cheese. I love this oldschool package design.

13 Dec 2006

Things of daily needs (on mondays)

A few things I used on monday 2001-11-19 (maybe or maybe not). At that time I usually drew such sketches with a faber-castell finepen 1511. Today I prefer Staedtler pigment liner for off-road sketching but at home I love to draw with the good old nib and drawing ink... (The only real black in the world!)

8 Dec 2006

Another messy writing (?) desk

This was an impressive sight of my girlfriend's desk when she spent six months in Basel (Switzerland) 5 years ago. She lived in a very small room there so the desk was a nice storage place for small things.

5 Dec 2006

My old drawing desk

This is my old drawing desk (†). It was such a huge and massive piece of furniture that it had to die when I moved to Dresden last year. :-(

4 Dec 2006


Further sketches from the Hildesheim canal: here details of a car scrap yard. Drawing this was really like meditation...