13 Dec 2006

Things of daily needs (on mondays)

A few things I used on monday 2001-11-19 (maybe or maybe not). At that time I usually drew such sketches with a faber-castell finepen 1511. Today I prefer Staedtler pigment liner for off-road sketching but at home I love to draw with the good old nib and drawing ink... (The only real black in the world!)


At 16/12/2006, 19:12, Blogger ed said...

very nice!

At 18/12/2006, 01:22, Blogger suzanne said...

Nice composition. I really like the way you've tied the shoestring into the pen stroke. Very clever.

At 18/12/2006, 19:22, Anonymous chasingtigers said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to say how much I love these line drawings. Such intensity!

Very inspring!


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