27 Dec 2006

A few uncommented sketchbook-pages

I hope everybody has survived Christmas... I'm very busy these days drawing my pages for the german independent comic anthology PANIC ELECTRO. So today only a few uncommented sketchbook-pages...


At 28/12/2006, 00:29, Blogger dibujador said...

thanks for your comment!
you have a great, great sketchbook!
Excellent drawings everywhere.
I´ll link you.

At 31/12/2006, 04:59, Anonymous wagonized said...

Gosh, i am getting a kick out of these pages -- completely verrückt. And i think that's the word i'm looking for :-) Love your style.

At 03/01/2007, 22:37, Blogger Ivo said...

Thanks dibujador, thanks wagonized!

At 16/01/2007, 23:40, Blogger Alex said...

ich sach mal: i love your stuff man!


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