31 Mar 2010

»Rocket Blues« Inking

As promised here's my latest youtube-inking-clip. It's a 6 minute quick motion video that shows approximately 3,5 hours of uninterrupted inking. You see the 21st page of my new comicbook »Rocket Blues«. It's a somewhat crazy page with the »paternoster ride« of Laszlo and Mister Rocket. To ink this was a little bit tricky because of the difficulty to avoid smudging the ink lines anytime. But, please, look yourself:

20 Mar 2010

Latest publications and new projects

I have to apologize for nearly two years of no posting here in my sketchblog. I was very busy completing various comicbook-projects. In this context I sadly have to admit that the nice phase of extensive sketching in my sketchbooks as self purpose is over for now. Not only for time reasons but rather because sketching is now more or less an »invisible« part of my production process for my comicbooks.
In 2009 I released two books at BEATCOMIX: »Paralleluniversum 2: Quantenschaum« and »Dave Grigger« (story & pencils: Mamei; ink & lettering: myself) and completed a third: »Daddy, when will we eat a horse sometime?« (unpublished so far):

My current project is a 52-page-comicbook with the title »Rocket Blues«. It will be released at the German Comicfestival Erlangen in june 2010. The Making-Of (scetches, videos, finished pages) of this intergalactic adventure-funny-scifi-roadmovie in the form of a comic can you find at www.rocketblues.de (I'm just inking page 19.)

In the next days I will link here a few of my youtube-inking-clips like this:

13 May 2008

Ivos Paralleluniversum Bd.1: »Urknall«

In the last weeks I was very busy completing my new Comicbook »Urknall«. That's the reason I'havent posted here anything for a while. »Urknall« (means Big Bang in English) is an anthology of my weekly webcomic Ivo's Paralleluniverse and contains the first 176 strips. You can buy this book as of now at www.beatcomix.com .

Ivo Kircheis' Paralleluniversum »Urknall«
ISBN 978-3-939509-98-1
BEATCOMIX, 2008, 48 pages, Din A4, sw, softcover, 10 EUR; contains the strips Nr. 001-176 from Ivo's Paralleluniversum

23 Feb 2008

Sitting accommodations

The day and it's sitting accommodations (in order of use) ...

21 Feb 2008


To practice drawing lively faces I found it very effectively to draw from television shows. The best chances to see faces long enough for making at least a few appropriate strokes You'll get in classical talk shows. Ahead you can see my efforts capturing german politicians in the former sunday evening talkshow "Sabine Christiansen". At the top on the right you see the current german chancellor Angela Merkel with her bedroom eyes. Other faces for instance belong to the german Liberal Guido Westerwelle, the former Bavarian Chief Minister Edmund Stoiber and Peter Struck (SPD).

4 Feb 2008

Old living room

Hello in 2008! Sorry, that I haven't posted here for weeks, but I really was too busy drawing comic pages and professional illustrations for paying customers...

Today a further spread from my old 100-days-sketchbook: it shows a view inside my old living room during my years of study in Hildesheim. The sketch is from 2001-11-20. The text indicates that this wasn't really a lucky day for me: First I woke up in the morning with sore throat, little later the strap of my new wristwatch broke and finally I stepped with naked foot into a pin that stuck perpendicular in the floor...

13 Dec 2007

Becker's best ...

Without words ...

8 Dec 2007

The big friday-daydream

Sorry for not posting last month, I was very busy making illustrations for an online-game that will starting soon... Today another spread from my 100days-sketchbook: the big friday-daydream. I made this drawing while I was washing my feet in a (very very) small bowl... The man in the bathtub says "Too bad, no yellow pencil near by." In the upper right corner you see the former german Bundeskanzler Schroeder with his right hand Joschka Fischer (former german minister of foreign affairs). It was the day Schroeder had asked for a vote of confidence (he barely came through in due time)... In my sketch Schroeder thanks Fischer and Fischer says "Don't mention it, Helmut."

23 Oct 2007


Here is for a change a spread from my current sketchbook. These are doodles in preparation for a cartoon about electrocution by solar energy...

22 Oct 2007


This drawing of a DURST condenser enlarger arose in the darkroom of my college (of course by light ;-)). It was the day after a drinking binge (Grenzquell Pilsner!), so the term DURST was a littlebit ambiguously (german: Durst = english: thirst). For that reason DURST was my Word of the day... O-oh...

20 Oct 2007

The poesy of banality

A spread without words...

10 Oct 2007

Grenzquell Pilsner

An innocent empty crate of "Grenzquell Pilsner" - the cause of my disheveled condition on 11/11/2001... Uh, oh... need more ice!

9 Oct 2007

Cooking is fun!

At saturday the 10th of november 2001 I awaited guests and motivated by the chopstick experience at the chinese restaurant two days before I tried to cook an Asian dinner myself... It should arise something like chicken with vegetables I guess. The two hens at the left page below scream "Gertrude, look out!" but Gertrude only sighs.

22 Sept 2007

Chocolate girl

This double-page spread was - I believe so today - inspired by the famous painting of Jean-Étienne Liotard "The chocolate girl" from 1744. But in my case it seems that it was a very special cup of cocoa. What do you think?

21 Sept 2007


A lunch at a chinese restaurant inspired me to draw this page. Unfortunately I had to draw with my left hand because I held the chopsticks in the right one...

20 Sept 2007

A day in the printing workshop

During my studies of graphic design I engaged myself in etching. Here are a few snapshots of the printing press (an original Breisch) and diverse accessories. Funny times... Greetings to my mentor Paul Kunofski at this point!

1 Sept 2007


The next spread of my "100 days book": the day a noise-terrorist in front of the house ( a man who sawed bricks) ended my beauty-sleep early in the saturday-morning. Below and left: bargains I made at the Hildesheim flea market later that day...

29 Aug 2007

The pleasures of everyday life

So, I'm back from vacation and here we go again. This is a double page of my so called "100 days book", a sketchbook I filled in 100 days in 2001 and 2002. It was part of a self-posed semester assignment during my study of graphic design in Hildesheim/Germany. The goal was to draw every day anything inspired by everyday life and to fill exactly on double page day by day with this drawings. Here's the spread from 2nd of november 2001. I will post a few other pages in the next weeks...

24 Jul 2007

Cafe Rhyblick Basel

Further sketches from nice Basel locations: details of the Cafe Rhyblick, where I drank my first Ovomaltine ever, two cash terminals of the Basler Kantonalbank (my first and only sketch I did inside a bank! An authentic Swiss Bank!) and an original swiss balcony that I saw from the window of my girlfriend's apartment.

23 Jul 2007


At one of these very warm days of winter 2001 in Basel I sat down on a bench at Oberer Rheinweg and attempted to sketch every pedestrian passing by in the next 30 minutes. Ahead are the results of these efforts.