23 Feb 2008

Sitting accommodations

The day and it's sitting accommodations (in order of use) ...

21 Feb 2008


To practice drawing lively faces I found it very effectively to draw from television shows. The best chances to see faces long enough for making at least a few appropriate strokes You'll get in classical talk shows. Ahead you can see my efforts capturing german politicians in the former sunday evening talkshow "Sabine Christiansen". At the top on the right you see the current german chancellor Angela Merkel with her bedroom eyes. Other faces for instance belong to the german Liberal Guido Westerwelle, the former Bavarian Chief Minister Edmund Stoiber and Peter Struck (SPD).

4 Feb 2008

Old living room

Hello in 2008! Sorry, that I haven't posted here for weeks, but I really was too busy drawing comic pages and professional illustrations for paying customers...

Today a further spread from my old 100-days-sketchbook: it shows a view inside my old living room during my years of study in Hildesheim. The sketch is from 2001-11-20. The text indicates that this wasn't really a lucky day for me: First I woke up in the morning with sore throat, little later the strap of my new wristwatch broke and finally I stepped with naked foot into a pin that stuck perpendicular in the floor...