22 Sept 2007

Chocolate girl

This double-page spread was - I believe so today - inspired by the famous painting of Jean-√Čtienne Liotard "The chocolate girl" from 1744. But in my case it seems that it was a very special cup of cocoa. What do you think?

21 Sept 2007


A lunch at a chinese restaurant inspired me to draw this page. Unfortunately I had to draw with my left hand because I held the chopsticks in the right one...

20 Sept 2007

A day in the printing workshop

During my studies of graphic design I engaged myself in etching. Here are a few snapshots of the printing press (an original Breisch) and diverse accessories. Funny times... Greetings to my mentor Paul Kunofski at this point!

1 Sept 2007


The next spread of my "100 days book": the day a noise-terrorist in front of the house ( a man who sawed bricks) ended my beauty-sleep early in the saturday-morning. Below and left: bargains I made at the Hildesheim flea market later that day...