28 Jun 2007

Underway in Basel

Here's the drawn essence of one of my longish walks through Basel. It was winter (28th of january) but warm as on a cool summerday. Bottom left the house at the Erasmusplatz there my girlfriend dwelled.


At 29/06/2007, 19:56, Blogger digitus said...

Ivo, Du bist ein ganz Großer! Deine Skizzen sind einmalig schön!

At 01/07/2007, 12:40, Blogger Terry Banderas said...

Your inkwork is tremendous because your "drawing" skills are so good. The nice color washes are a bonus.

At 15/07/2007, 11:04, Blogger leolapian said...

I like ur drawings, you can visualize those complicated things, like building n machines so well..hope can share some time! Thanks

At 20/07/2007, 08:53, Anonymous martha said...

What a wonderful spread! I love your lines.


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