13 May 2008

Ivos Paralleluniversum Bd.1: »Urknall«

In the last weeks I was very busy completing my new Comicbook »Urknall«. That's the reason I'havent posted here anything for a while. »Urknall« (means Big Bang in English) is an anthology of my weekly webcomic Ivo's Paralleluniverse and contains the first 176 strips. You can buy this book as of now at www.beatcomix.com .

Ivo Kircheis' Paralleluniversum »Urknall«
ISBN 978-3-939509-98-1
BEATCOMIX, 2008, 48 pages, Din A4, sw, softcover, 10 EUR; contains the strips Nr. 001-176 from Ivo's Paralleluniversum


At 19/06/2008, 05:52, Blogger digitus said...

Glückwunsch - habe gleich mal ein Exemplar geordert ...

At 19/06/2008, 06:19, Blogger Ivo said...

Prima, ich wünsche viel Vergnügen damit!

At 08/09/2008, 11:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ivo, blog doch mal!

Michael aus England

At 14/09/2008, 20:40, Blogger Ivo said...

Hi Michael,
ich würde gern, bin aber im Moment viel zu beschäftigt (Moneymoneymoney...)

Leider/Zum Glück!

Grüße zurück!

At 18/10/2008, 09:22, Blogger RobCarey said...

Hello Ivo,
Very nice to see your sketches. You have a great style.

At 27/10/2008, 15:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

que miedo esa mosca! :O


At 15/11/2008, 00:23, Blogger IMBT ARQUITECTURA said...

fantastic drawings...!

ivo barão


At 03/12/2008, 17:02, Blogger Tobias Schwarz said...


At 02/06/2009, 14:01, Blogger lassmann said...

puuh - ist jawohl ein bisserl angestaubt hier!

At 18/12/2009, 22:28, Blogger Jelter said...

looks cool!


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