8 Dec 2007

The big friday-daydream

Sorry for not posting last month, I was very busy making illustrations for an online-game that will starting soon... Today another spread from my 100days-sketchbook: the big friday-daydream. I made this drawing while I was washing my feet in a (very very) small bowl... The man in the bathtub says "Too bad, no yellow pencil near by." In the upper right corner you see the former german Bundeskanzler Schroeder with his right hand Joschka Fischer (former german minister of foreign affairs). It was the day Schroeder had asked for a vote of confidence (he barely came through in due time)... In my sketch Schroeder thanks Fischer and Fischer says "Don't mention it, Helmut."


At 18/04/2008, 20:52, Blogger IS said...

love it... i'm a big fan of your blog!

At 17/03/2009, 12:11, Blogger Sarah Ketelaars said...



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