22 Sept 2007

Chocolate girl

This double-page spread was - I believe so today - inspired by the famous painting of Jean-√Čtienne Liotard "The chocolate girl" from 1744. But in my case it seems that it was a very special cup of cocoa. What do you think?


At 24/09/2007, 06:52, Blogger Kerstin Klein said...

Wow. This blog is phantastic or rather your sketchbooks are phantastic.
Your style is great. I do hope to find such a distinguished style some day too.

At 17/03/2009, 12:11, Blogger Sarah Ketelaars said...

i'm sure there's a few people who would like the recipe!

At 17/01/2011, 03:31, Blogger greg oakes said...

i like it !!! :)


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