23 Jul 2007


At one of these very warm days of winter 2001 in Basel I sat down on a bench at Oberer Rheinweg and attempted to sketch every pedestrian passing by in the next 30 minutes. Ahead are the results of these efforts.


At 23/07/2007, 22:01, Blogger steve said...

Amazing job! Seeing your work makes me want to get outside more and draw people and architecture, tow things i could use a little more work with. Thanks for posting your work, I'm blown away by the fact you started drawing at 27. It goes to show, we can all learn these kind of skills if we give it a shot.

At 21/08/2007, 15:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, i love this idea, and your execution of it. I stared at it for quite a while!

At 19/10/2011, 04:38, Blogger sanjeev said...

you ve a sheer magic in your hands Sir


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