28 Nov 2006

Hildesheim canal port

Not enough time at the moment... so only a few more sketches from the Hildesheim canal port today... Hope you like it.


At 28/11/2006, 20:30, Blogger Bobby Breidholt said...

Very very nice. Like the little guy by the chain.

At 29/11/2006, 22:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I can only speak for me..
Aber das kann ich ja auch in Deutsch machen, oder? Also, was ich sagen wollte, ja, ich mag sie!

At 30/11/2006, 14:29, Blogger Ester Wilson said...

Beautiful books! I'm really fascinated by your work, it's so great!

At 08/01/2007, 21:10, Blogger nik said...

Gro├čartige Skizzen. Der Haken ist toll. Respekt.

At 11/01/2007, 20:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. Thank you


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