24 Nov 2006

Disconcerting moments

At the post office. I stood in the line waiting to be served when a man just before me suddenly made this crazy military salutation. I thought "Oh, man, this is so embarrassing that it hurts!" The postal clerk was totally ignoring him so he stood there for an embarrassing eternity... (One or two minutes!) By the way: The name of the postal clerk was Hildgund Krueger. Warm regards, Hildgund!
This is the text on the right page: Secretly declared paternity has no value of evidence. Federal Constitutional Court, January 2005


At 26/11/2006, 23:58, Blogger suzanne cabrera said...

Did you draw the man saluting from memory? I'm impressed either way....but, if so, super kudos for you! I have a very difficult time remembering how to draw a person when I am not looking at the person.

At 27/11/2006, 14:17, Blogger Ivo said...

Yes, this was from memory but not really difficult for me because as a young man I had to serve the army much too long...


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